Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The 20&12 Coalition

The homie Garth of Lake & Chapel hit me up about some exciting news. He and 8 other brand have joined forces to create the 20&12 Coalition! What the heck is that? Check it out...

The 20&12 Coalition is a group of indie t-shirt companies brought together
by one little word. Along with awesome tees we all have an AND in our
name. So we have banded together to give our customers a deal. Buy a shirt
from any Coalition member and along with that awesome tee you'll get a
list of exclusive coupons from all the other members. Shop indie, save
money and discover something new!

The Coalitionists are:

ALBERG&AUSTIN http://www.albergandaustin.com/
COFFEE&CIGARETTES http://www.coffeeandcigarettesclothingco.com/
FRAUDS&FELONS http://fraudsandfelons.bigcartel.com/
LAKE&CHAPEL http://lakeandchapel.com/
LIES&FILTH http://liesandfilth.com/
LIMOS&LIQUOR http://www.limosandliquor.com/
RandR http://www.randrtees.com/
SNAKES&SINNERS http://www.snakesandsinners.com/
THRASH&THRILL http://home.thrashandthrill.com/

You can check out the Facebook
to keep up on the (hopefully growing) coalition membership.

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