Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Favorite Tees Right Now (Jan 2012)

 New year, new rule. I will only feature tees I CURRENTLY own in this article. Previously I have featured a couple of tees as my "favorite right now" but then I would buy them and I would be disappointed. So from now on, all tees featured in this series have been worn and passed the WORD test. Above is a pic to prove I have these tees in hand.Also just to brag about my awesome wardrobe. So here they are in no particular order... (Click on images to enlarge, links to store are directly below the image)

Fly Me Pretty by Minus61

 This tee was sent to me right before Christmas by Ed French, who runs Minus61 and hand prints the tees himself. Ed is based overseas in the UK and prints on Continental blanks. I could not wait to get this tee in the mail! When it finally came in I was not disappointed. The tee fits perfect, the blanks, as Ed said they would be, top notch. Very high quality tees for a fair price. Check out Minus61 for all sorts of awesome tees.
Not Much Competition by The Good Child
The other day a friend asked me:

"Whats your favorite brand?"
I said "The Good Child."
"No not just Dallas based brands, all brands considered."
"The Good Child still."

Honestly, I really don't event know what it is about the brand but, I really love everything Heather has done. Maybe it is the simplicity, the cleanness or just the logo, I don't know. I bought this tee at Teezilla and it stays in my weekend rotation. Click the link above to check out all The Good Child has to offer.

And Then I Woke Up by Ugmonk

 It is no secret that I love this brand. Jeff Sheldon, even though I don't know him, has been a huge inspiration for my own brand. His style is original and very creative, I really look forward to all that he does. My sister in law bought me this tee for Christmas and it fits and feels perfect. The ink is very soft and light. I probably wouldn't have bought this for myself, but I am sure glad to have received it as a gift. Thanks Sarah.
The Big D by HIJ Clothing

I missed the original release of this tee early last year. The color way was opposite what you see here, black print on a white tee. Hugo sold out of the first Big D tee and he does NOT reprint any designs. So when he had a pre-sale late in December, I made sure to get my order in. The tee came in this week and it looks great. I look forward to getting many wears from this shirt. HIJ prints on American Apparel and is based out of Dallas TX. Obviously.

Five by Kill Hubris

This tee goes hard! Pictures do not do this shirt justice! I bought this tee the minute it was released on Black Friday and received it shortly after. I was VERY impressed with the design and overall quality of this tee. This is hands down my favorite tee right now. Kill Hubris has always had my respect, but I can honestly say this design put the brand on another level in my book. Until you get this tee in your hands you won't know what I am excited about. Buy this tee!

There you have it, my favorite tees right now. Looks like I am on a single color print, black and white kick. Didn't notice till now. I hope you guys check out each of these brands and help support their movement. I can honestly say all these guys are pushing themselves to put out high quality, original designs. What more can you ask for?

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  1. Thank you Bobby for choosing one of my tees and a great write up too. Keep up the good work. Cheers Ed