Monday, August 8, 2011

So I went with...

So I decided to go with Next Level Apparel for the Word of Mouth tees. I chose the 100% Cotton SS Men's Fitted Crew Neck tee in Black. The tees came in early last week and they are exactly what I was expecting. I was looking for something similar to American Apparel but without the price tag.
 With my budget these tees just seemed to be the best choice. While Next Level isn't the same high quality as AA, they do compare nicely. Next Level is also a step up from some of the other brands I sampled, if you read the blog you know of which brands I am referencing. The fit is right on and after a wash it seemed to hold up nicely. I have not inspected each individual tee, which I will do, but the tees that I have inspected are all well made. I am glad I took the time to order samples and ask around on Twitter. Thanks to all that responded to my question and helped out.

With the design all done and the tees in hand, all that is left to do is print. So, this Sunday, the homie Sleepy Dan will be helping me print up the tees. Needless to say I am excited about this. It has been a long process and I am excited to see the final product. Next week I will be giving away some tees in every size so be sure that you are following me on Twitter AND that you "like" the WORD fan page on Facebook. Those that both follow and like are 27 times more likely to get a free tee.


  1. Nice !!! Looking forward to the Word tees !! Congrats Bobby C

  2. Nice Bobby... Can't wait to see 'em!