Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yema Yema added prints

I first heard of Yema Yema through the Twitter conversations she would have with Doctor Hazmat. I originally thought she was based out of Japan or somewhere far far away. Nope, turns out Yema Yema is
based right out of Atlanta, GA. Yema's designs are very unique and look great on tees. I just saw that Yema Yema now has prints up for sale, and for a very reasonable price.

I love all the characters Yema comes up with as well as the color selections. All the tees are printed up on American Apparel so you will be getting high quality tees with your print. The tee prices are absolutely ridiculous! Very affordable. I don't know how many of each design is printed, but I have seen some sell out and never return, so I am pretty sure they are "one run" tees. Yema Yema also does quick sales and coupons via Twitter and Facebook so be sure to follow and like. I know I am not breaking any news with this post, just thought I would make sure you have checked out this awesome brand.

Twitter: @YemaYema

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