Sunday, July 24, 2011

Word of Mouth Update, Happenings and News

Lately I have been doing some research, ordering samples and trying on different fits of tees. I am preparing to print up some tees for the blog and I want the tees to be just right. I ordered a couple of samples from
Tultex and Alstyle. While Alstyle isn't for me, it was the most affordable and if your budget is a little tight, you may want to take advantage of the low prices. Tultex I am on the fence about. The samples I received were cool, one was a style I already have in my closet and the other was the new soft blend tee. I had high hopes for the soft blend, even after it arrived and I had it in my hands. It was very comfortable and the fit seemed right on for the most part. But the weight wasn't what I am looking for. Earlier that day I stopped at American Apparel and bought a tri-blend tee to compare the two. When I was at the store I remember thinking "this tee may be a little thin for what I want." Well after the Tultex arrived, the American Apparel tee seemed thick! The Tultex sample was just too thin. The weight is 3.2 oz. Not right for what I am looking for.

So now I am talking with Next Level tees. I have heard a lot of good things about them but I have yet to get my hands on a sample. The price seems just right for my budget and if what I hear is true, I will be placing a order next week. I think I am just going to do cotton tees for this first tee. The tee will be black with one a one color print, pale yellow. I am really excited about this tee and I hope everyone likes it. I am really hoping my Dallas peeps are receptive to it. I have shared the design with a couple of local brand designers and the feedback has been positive, so that's always cool.

A new friend of mine has a little single color set up at his house and we will be printing up the tees ourselves. I am super excited about that! I have never done any screen printing so this experience will be all new to me. I will no doubt be taking plenty of pictures and sharing my experience with everyone here on the blog.

When the tees are finally ready I will be giving some of them away here on the blog and thru Twitter/Facebook. So if you aren't following me yet, now would be a good time to start. I will try and reward my most frequent visitors first. So be on the look out for that.

In other news: There has been a lot of talk in the Dallas indie circle of another Texas event to be held in September. I have offered to help out any way I can. J from Lies and Filth, a brand out of Ft Worth, came up with the idea and we have been brainstorming back and forth about venues and names for the event. Looks like the name will be Texas Teezilla! He has a lot of brands already committed to be in the event. I don't want say any names this early but if you have been paying attention on Twitter, you've seen the brands talking. I am excited about the brands already involved. Anyone not yet involved hit me up for more info. We are trying to make this as big as possible. Everyone involved will be using all their resources and connections to make this event as successful as possible. More details to come. 

Last week was kind of slow for Word of Mouth, even though I published two fairly popular posts. If you didn't know, my wife is pregnant and we are expecting my new baby girl any day now! So needless to say, I will be needing some help keeping up with Word of Mouth. I have reached out to a really good friend of mine for help and we are meeting up soon to discuss the details. He always has good ideas and goes with me to all the events anyway so he would be perfect to help. I will still be as involved as possible but I really want to step up the posts and that is just not possible right now. I love doing this alone but I am looking forward to the help and growth of the blog.

A few brands hit me up this weekend about features this week. I am doing interviews tonight for them, they will be up as soon as possible. Thanks everyone for following my blog and be on the lookout for us cause we are making moves!

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