Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some of my Favorite tees Right Now..

Yesterday as I was browsing around the web, looking for new tees to add to the collection, I thought: maybe it's time to post another blog entry about my favorite tees. So here it is.

These posts are always so easy to do. No stress, no critiques, no tension; just love and appreciation. I am going to stick to five brands just like the last post. This time the tees are a bit Texas based, but lately with all these events, that's all I have been around. I threw in a couple of others as well, as you will see. Just like my closet, the majority of tees are dark colored with the exception to one. I really need to expand my color selection. Enjoy the tees.. (The links below the pictures take you to the site and the store of the brands)

Declaration is one of my two favorite brands. Ken and Joe founded the brand in 2009 as college roommates and have been killing it ever since. The brand is based heavily on the American Revolution and each tee has a story to tell with its awesome design. The shirts themselves are all blends that fit and feel awesome. I purchased this tee when they had their 25% off 4th of July sale. Even without the discount, these tees are very fairly priced and the packaging is above and beyond the norm for tees. If you haven't already, check these guys out.

I discovered Too Dope this year at Kixpo. These guys are based out of Laredo TX and have all sorts of creative designs. This tee is so simple yet so crazy at the same time. Great idea, great execution, didn't over do it, I gotta get this tee.

If you read my blog at all, you have seen this brand before. Kill Hubris is slowly becoming a house hold name in this little circle of indie tees. This is the tee I did a review on and, obviously, it scored well with me. I've worn this tee at least three different times in the short amount of time I've owned it. It's comfortable with a nice design; really that's all I am looking for.

The newest tee in my closet is also one of my favorites. This tee screams summer time. I wore this day after the release party. Fur Face Boy always makes high quality tees with awesome designs. This dude is the man in Dallas. Odds are if you read my blog you everything about this brand, but if you haven't heard of him go check out his awesome tees.

Dead Seagull is a brand I heard about thru IATT.TV. They received a very strong review from Adam, whose opinion and style I respect, so I went and checked them out. I bought the logo tee and the guys were nice enough to send me some goodies with the purchase. I even made a mistake when checking out, and they were quick to help me out. Some excellent customer service from these guys. I love the soft tri-blend tees and the whole feel of the brand. Check them out when you get a chance..

So there you have it, my favorite tees right now. There were a few tees that almost made the cut, but I really want to keep this limited to 5 tees. Maybe next time they can get in. Do me (and yourself) a favor and check out these brands. All these guys take pride and work very hard on their brand. While some of these guys are a little more known and established than the others, I know they all appreciate our support and interest in their brand. Now go buy a tee!

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