Monday, July 18, 2011

Fur Face Boy Summer Series Party

That was a party! The more of these parties I go to, the more people I meet, naturally the more fun they are. I don't know what event is coming up next for me but it will be tough to top this one.

Saturday at 5pm Fur Face Boy set up at Shogun in Fort Worth. The event was inside/outside, and in all honesty, when I pulled up I debated about getting out of the cool AC of my truck. If you haven't been in Texas this summer, it's been a different kind of hot this year, we are in the middle of a drought. But, of course, I got out of my vehicle and I am glad I did. This party was a lot of fun.
Ha released 4 "Summer Series" tees and 1 collab tee with Shogun. All the summer tees were awesome and it looked as if they were selling really quick. The Shogun tee was nice as well, I was torn between the collab tee and the Fur Face Boy print tee with all the color. In the end, I decided that I have way too many dark colored tees and not enough light colored tees, so I went with the cyan colored tee. The friends that were with me all purchased a tee as well. My boy Juice went with the Indian FFB tee and Roman copied my style by getting the same tee I did. Rene showed love to Shogun and went with a 10 Deep tank from the store.
If you haven't been out to Shogun in Fort Worth, do your self a favor and go check it out, you will not be disappointed! The set up is awesome and they have a HUGE selection of street wear and everything else to keep your closet fresh.
So from the free Paleta ice cream, free beer, free tickets to a hip hop show at HOB, free Vitamin Water, awesome DJ and great people all around, it was very easy to have too much fun at this party. Even the FWPD couldn't stop the party. I expected to be there about an hour tops... I was there till it closed.
I am little disappointed in myself for the lack of pictures, and the poor quality of the ones I did take. I did however get some footage with the camcorder so I will be TRYING to put together some sort of clip to upload. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was too busy "networking." Here are the few pics I took..

Free ice cream!

it's the cops!
Sleepy Dan enjoying an ice cream

I had a chance to meet V at this event. She was selling the heck out of the Summer Series. I love this pic because these women just stumbled upon the event, checked it out and bought a tee!

The set up.
Camo FFB Tank
We were calling this the Paleta tee
This is the tee I purchased.
Indian inspired FFB
Collab tee

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