Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Independent Brand Tees

Obviously, I am partial when it comes to independent brands. I love wearing an independent brand tee to places that aren’t too familiar with the brand, or have no clue of the brand for that matter. I love knowing
 chances are very slim that someone will be wearing the same thing I have on. The looks you get from older folks, younger kids and people our age who are just curious about what is going on with your tee. It’s also fun to wear the tees to all the events I go to. At the Fur Face Boy party I wore a Sleepy Dan tee and at Kixpo I wore my Declaration tee. I should have worn a Dallas brand to Kixpo, I was a little upset with my tee selection that day, but it’s cool.

Lately I have been comparing my “store bought” tees (my Mom would call tortillas “store bought” if they weren’t homemade) and my indie tees. I don’t have many graphic retail tees, but the few I do have are of decent quality. The only thing wrong with them is that they look so dated. I can’t really wear them without feeling like they are “out of style.” That got me thinking about the indie tees I have, and the ones I see everyone wearing out at the events. It seems as if these tee’s have a longer “shelf life.” The older the tee the more desirable it is. With all these brands doing limited runs, if you like a tee you better buy it, because when it’s gone-it’s GONE! I see people wearing series one or two tees in local brands and I think “damn I wish I had that tee!”  Recently Heather, who runs Good Child, sent me the last medium (possibly the last one overall) of her classic logo tee. Man, I was so excited to get the last one. I have worn that tee twice and every time I do, I get the “where the hell did you get that tee” look from people. It’s kind of funny, little Hispanic dude wearing an afro logo tee, I love it.  

I’m not bashing retail tees, I have love for them too. Football season is coming up and I will be blending in with all the Dallas locals in my Cowboys tees. But, I just can’t have enough indie tees. Just thought I’d share a few thoughts. Look out for interviews this week!

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