Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have you heard of..... THE GOOD CHILD?

Moving right along with the "Have you heard of" series we have local superstar THE GOOD CHILD!

I had the privilege of talking to Heather of The Good Child about her experience at Centre's Locals expo, along with some other random topics of course. Here is how the talk went:

How long had you been working on The Good Child brand before you launched it?

I had been brainstorming about the brand for about a year before I
launched it. I had been talking with local brands about their
journeys; I was always out at events, mingling and taking pictures -
blogging for myself.

How was your experience at Centre's Locals show?

The Locals event was 100% awesome for The Good Child. Dallas/TX
brands, for the most part, treat each other like family. We are mostly
all humble about our successes and failures - and we talk about them
in the open.
If I never sold a shirt and made 20 new friends, I would walk away
equally as happy as if I sold shirts AND made friends - which I did!

What are some of your favorite tee shirt brands out right now?

Speaking of locals...I've been wearing a lot local brands lately; I've
got a closet full of Fur Face Boy, Fresh Kauffe, Grits, and my own new
Spring/Summer 2011 series. Otherwise, I wear a lot of blanks - crew
and v-necks and the occasional Henley! I have a love for blanks and

Are you sad tomorrow is the last day of Oprah?

Funny, I was just looking at her "25 Year of Style." I don't get to
watch Oprah, because I am always at my day job, or out doing
something! It won't change my life when Oprah is off-air.

Describe your absolute perfect day...

Three words: Clean, vacant, beach

What is your next immediate goal for your brand?

I would like to do some traveling outside of Texas - physically take
the rand elsewhere. Some people from GoodWoodNYC have mentioned NYC
would positively embrace The Good Child. I've also gained fans
(through Style X at SXSW) as far as in the UK and Australia and I
would love to travel "there" and give out some Goodies.

What is your ultimate goal for your brand?

To have fun. The Good Child started as an experiment and it still is,
but now it has a really solid foundation. Every day, the brand grows a
little more - thanks to my family, my loved ones, and my friends &
fans. Like I touched on before - if I only ever just made my money
back and no profit, if in the end, I met more people interested in my
story than actually purchased the merch, I would still walk away

What is your favorite memory of the 8th grade?

8th grade was rough! Man, what an adventure in growing up! My favorite
memories would be learning to play guitar and learning how to snowboard.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to launch a tee line?

Be yourself! My brand is super personal and it could not exist with
out...me! Also, network! Be authentic - don't do favors or give advice
only because you need something in return; you should give advice for
the joy of sharing ideas. Let relationships grow organically.

What advice would you give someone stuck in an elevator with a
stranger who has uncontrollable gas?

Laugh with them.

If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would it
be and why? 

I've always wanted to sit and talk with Missy Elliot about her
artistic journey. I think our conversation could be real AND filled
with laughter. Missy Elliot was a big influence on my in my teens for
her creativity and boldness.

What song has the most plays in your ipod?

Futureproof in Zaire (Karsh Kale remix) by DJ Spooky ::shrug::

I like to ask everyone I interview a series of "this or that"
questions. You up for it?

Lets do it..

Good guys or bad guys?

GOOD guys!

Dogs or cats?


Rock or Rap?

I can't. I can't do this one. I love so much music!
Bikes or skateboards?


Drizzy Drake or J.Cole?


Jordans or Vans?


New or vintage?


We are 1976 or Centre? (jk dont answer that!)

Dallas, stand up!

Any shout outs?

THANK YOU, family (especially Mom & Dad)

Contact The Good Child:
Web http://www.officialgoodchild.com/
Shop http://www.shop.officialgoodchild.com/
Twitter @the_goodchild

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