Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mid Week Check In (5-25-11)

A quick post about my progress so far. My goals for this past weekend were:

Attend the Red Bull DJ event and blog about it…. Check
Attend Centre’s Locals expo, meet the artists and blog about it…. Check
Start my retail windows side project…. Check
Take over the world…. In progress

So three out of four ain’t bad. Blogging has been fun. Thanks to everyone that has contacted me or responded to my emails. I also started a Facebook page, there is a button on the right side of this page, clikc on it and like my page. As of today I only have 2 likes! haha I have a couple of interviews loaded and ready to publish. I am also talking to a brand about doing a review of their tees. That should be cool. If you are reading this and want a write up about your brand or if you know a brand you think I should cover, please let me know. I would appreciate any input or feedback.

As for my line of tees.. that is still a huge work in progress. The more I learn about launching a line, and the more brands I discover… it all inspires me, but also makes me even more obsessed with doing it right. The Local’s expo was a huge inspiration and added to my confidence, so I’m glad I went to that. I am still brainstorming of brand images and ideas. Who knows I may say “screw it” and go with my gut. One idea I have just won’t go away. Whenever I do it, it will be done right.

Like always, spread the word. ReTweets are a powerful thing!

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