Monday, May 23, 2011

Centre Presents "The Locals"

On Saturday, May 21, Centre held a showcase for all the local brands in the DFW area. I was able to make it out there and talk to few of the brands. The party was awesome! Nothing but respect to Hance and all the guys at Centre for putting on an event like this. I know all the t-shirt brands really appreciate it as well.

There were some brands out there that I was familiar with, like The Good Child and Loyal KNG, and I enjoyed seeing them out there. But I also discovered some new brands, and that was really cool.

Joonbug of Fresh Kaufee was out there slangin tees. His line was very impressive. He isn't new to the t-shirt game, but I wasn't familiar with his line. I am now. I checked out his site and he is quickly selling through his shirts. I can't even begin to explain his style of tees. Maybe if Devin the Dude and Frank Lloyd Wright designed a tee line together, the tees would look something like Joonbug's. Make sure you check them out, I really liked them. Another thing I will say about his line is, all his tees smell like coffee. It was crazy! They didn't smell like an artificial coffee perfume, they smell EXACTLY like coffee. Pretty creative.

Another line that was really impressed with was Azimo. Azimo is just getting started; I saw 4 of his tees out there. They were all high quality prints on American Apparel. His style is simple, but affective. He was very friendly and approachable. I asked him a few questions about where he prints and how long he has been doing the t-shirt thing. I could tell he did his research before printing up his shirts. Thats always a good idea. I look forward to seeing more shirts from Azimo, I think he is doing the right things and building a solid foundation for his brand.

I was glad to see all the brands out there representing for Dallas-Ft Worth. Heather from The Good Child released her new line of tees out there and they were awesome, of course. Check the new line out here. Heather even gave my wife and I a shout out in her blog! Now if she would only return my email for an interview...hmmmm. Haha!

Shout out to all the other brands that made it out there, everyone's lines looked amazing! Here are some links to the brands I didn't cover:

Dopey The BearLoyal KNGUnkommon KolorHIJ clothingNerdy FreshFriends and AnarchistsMatrimoney Millionaires, and Do Celf.

Here are the pictures I took while I was out there: (click to enlarge)

The Dopey the Bear crew


The Good Child, always coming up!

Joonbug in this piece!

HIJ in his SOLD OUT "Big D" tee


Friends & Anarchists
Loyal KNG
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  1. I follow Loyal KNG but some of these other brands have some awesome gear too, will have to look into them more!

  2. I'm sure they would appreciate it!

  3. Great write up :). Thanks for covering the event and coming out! Woo!

    -Trung Vuong

  4. Thanks for checking it out, your brand is awesome!