Friday, August 31, 2012


Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I want to take some time to introduce you guys to PANYC (pronounced "panic") State, a Philly based brand that infuses political, social, and cultural themes relevant in today's society with insightful designs, bold colors, and sharp graphics that display informative and impactful messages everyone can relate too. Case in point..."Lose your thought." 

Below are some of the sweet tees PANYC State offers and even better, each tee comes in two colorway options. AND...for all our WORD readers, our new friends at PANYC State have offered a 20% discount when copping one, two, or all of these great tees. Just use the code WORD20 (case sensitive) at checkout. **Note: Contact with any questions or technical difficulties.** So be sure to head over to the PANYC State site and while you're there check out the meaning behind each tee. I have a feeling you'll find one or several that hit close to home. 

"I Love My Ego" Tee

"Fall of Eden" Tee

"Nothing Flyer Than Doves" Tee

"L.Y.M.I.T Robot Head" Tee

Stay tuned and be on the look out for a new "Have you heard of...?" featuring PANYC State coming soon.

Be sure to like them on Facebook, follow them @PANYC_STATE and add them on G+!

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