Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mayamada Release Party (Video) and New Gear

Mayamada Frozen Yogurt Release Party at Tutti Frutti in London

Hi everyone! Here is a quick video from our friends at Mayamada's frozen yogurt release party that went down last month at Tutti Futti in London. New tees, frozen yogurt, life size Jenga and cupcakes...oh my! Looks like it was a great time had by all those who attended. But wait, the release party was just the tip of the iceberg or rather yogurt-burg...anyone...anyone? Ok, maybe that was a stretch. 

As I was saying, our friends at Mayamada not only released a range of stylish new tees in great new colors, but also previewed their dope new black Kai snapbacks, currently available through reservation only. Get on the waiting list here

Check out Mayamada's new tees and Kai snapback below:


Dopeness, for sure!

One last thing I want to mention is their current fundraising campaign to aid in the production of their first manga book called "The Samurai Chef." Their goal has been reached (BIG CONGRATS!) but you can still contribute and receive awesome perks by doing do. Check it out here

So be sure to head over to Mayamada now and cop some of this fresh new gear or get your name on the waiting list for that smooth Kai snapback! And be on the look out for a new "Have you heard of...?" featuring Mayamada coming soon.

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