Monday, June 4, 2012

BePositive and Cop the New b+ Gear!

Hi all,

I'm back and super excited to introduce everyone to BePositive (b+), a great new brand with a great message. Originating in Greece and coming to us with five NEW feel good tees guaranteed to make you smile and spread the b+ motto of BePositivism! ***Oh yeah and look legit doing it.*** Owner and founder Vangelis Orfanidis says, "It is sure that we all have at least one second in our everyday life that has something memorable, so there is always a reason to be positive!" Well said Vangelis...well said.

So BE POSITIVE and check out their new tees below!

The BePositive Typo Tee for men and these are typos you won't ever need to correct!

The Lots of Reasons to Smile Tee…say cheese!

The Smile Shiny Tee…guaranteed to make you smile day or night!

The Keep Calm and Be Positive Tee…a great message to remember when life gets a little crazy!

There you have it folks, five great ways to promote positive thinking and spread positivity! And the next time someone tells you to “stop wearing your heart on your sleeve” tell them, “I don’t. I wear it on my tee…BE POSITIVE!”

Head over to the BePositive site and get yours now!

Also be sure to “Like” them on Facebook and follow them @bepositivetees