Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Win advertisement for your brand on WORD!

Yep, I am going to have a contest for brands and let the winner advertise on WORD.

 Another goal of mine for 2012 is to get some advertising going on WORD. I was originally going to just talk to a couple of friends, see if they are interested in a free trial period and be done. Well the response was, as you can expect, overwhelming. I mean, who doesn't want free advertisement right? Since I can't choose between the brands I contacted, I think I have a way to narrow it down a bit:

I have space for ONE ad right now, the size is 250x300 in the right hand margin at the very top. I will be having a "showdown" between two brands and the winner of the showdown will win the ad space for one month.

The rules are simple (kinda):

- Each brand must submit a tee to me for review and then to be voted on by the readers.

- The tee will be reviewed by me for the following categories: Packaging, Design & Fit (I will not be grading on price point or extras, though it wouldn't hurt to send them)

- Each category will have a 10 point grading system (1 being poor & 10 being top score) 30 possible points

- At the end of my review one team will have a head start in the voting process. (EX: Brand1 scores a 29 and Brand2 scores a 26, Brand1 has a 3 vote head start)

- The two tees scores will be posted with photos and full explanation of score, then voted on by the readers, and your supporters, for 24 hours. Each vote equals ONE HALF point. A vote is submitted by commenting on the post with the name of the brand you support.

- The brand with the most total points wins the ad space for a month.

This contest is not only to create advertisement but is also a great way to show that your brand is top quality. If this contest is a success I will continue to have it each month or more frequently if the demand is there. So I am looking for TWO brands to who would like to be involved to email me at  Thanks and good luck!

The two brands have signed up! Details on the showdown will be announced on Monday...

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