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Have you heard of...faceOFfame?

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So Bobby had this great idea…why not post another edition of “Have you heard of…?” but interview the two brands that are competing for the Word of Mouth’s first ad space competition. “What a stellar idea,” I thought as I began to compile Intel on the first brand I was to interview. In doing this I found a brand that had me both waxing nostalgic of childhood memories (TURTLE POWER!) and wanting to RIOT at the same time! In this edition of “Have you heard of…?” I am excited to introduce you all to Aaron and faceOFfame, his home grown brand, hailing from San Antonio, Texas. Sit back, relax and get to know Aaron and his brand.

Ready, Set, Go…

First off introduce yourself and tell me about your brand… 

faceOFfame is an urban clothing line based out of San Antonio, Texas, designed around the idea that anyone is capable of anything.  I started this line with nothing, limited knowledge, working designs out of the program paint and have taken everything I’ve done as a learning experience.  I believe everyone has something worth sharing and you can’t let anyone hold you back from that.  Whatever you want in life you have to be willing to fight for it, strive for it, you have to be willing to start a RIOT for it!  

Of all the products in the retail industry, what made you decide to create a brand of t-shirts?

I've been a t-shirt junky for the better part of a decade now, and as I grew older I just felt that t-shirts were an amazing medium for art. 

faceOFfame, that’s an interesting name, how did it come to be the name of your brand?

One of my favorite questions! It honestly just came to me in a dream. I had a logo in mind and in the midst of compiling all my thoughts and ideas together the name just sort of popped in my head and I just knew “this is it.”

Also interesting, I noticed on your site that you have a magazine or e-zine, what made you decide to do this and how does it tie into your t-shirt brand?

A couple reasons led me to the zine idea, now known as: faceOFfame’s Paper Boy.  Whenever I buy a shirt I love all the extras that come with it, that make you feel like “damn, there was definitely some extra effort put into this.”  I wanted to be able to give my friends and customers that little something extra.  Also, it allows me to through all my ideas and artwork into something tangible that a customer can be a part of.

I have to say, I really love the familiar themes I’ve seen on your site, for example Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but most intriguing are the common ones of “RIOT,” an old school tape recorder with a mic, and “From: Tragedy, To: Triumph,” what is the significance behind these?

Haha, well thank you!  I draw inspiration from pretty much everything, particularly my childhood memories and music.  I try to have some meaning behind every tee I do. To break down the one’s you mentioned:

-The Ninja Turtles were an avid part of my childhood.  I had Turtle toys, blanket, bookbags, even underwear and I wanted to just give a tee that would take people back to those happy memories. 

-The “tragedy to triumph” reference was just a familiar term to me, being in a tough situation and pulling yourself out to better your life. I thought it would be fun to make that an actual letter, almost to yourself, saying that you’ve made it.

-The logo was actually inspired by an old Lupe Fiasco song that I just really connected with and loved the idea of looking at people almost as robots: see with our camera eyes, hear with the microphones, our mouths are speakers, and our brains are always recording all of the above.

-The RIOT theme has been consistent in almost every tee we do.  As I mentioned before I just believe anyone is capable of anything and if you want it, then you have to be willing to start a RIOT for it.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years? 10 years? Ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal is to be able to support my family and myself with faceOFfame and hopefully inspire some good people to follow their dreams along the way.

What is it about your brand that separates it from others?

The brand is entirely home grown.  Most all the designs hold a deeper meaning, so when you buy a faceOFfame tee, you’re not just getting a piece of clothing, you’re also getting a piece of art and the idea it represents.

You find a magic lamp, rub it and a genie pops out. He grants you three wishes, what would they be?

  -A time machine that allows me to travel back to the 90’s at will. 

  -Health and happiness for my family.

  -The ability to teleport (like in that movie Jumper, but not have Samuel L. Jackson on my ass).

What is one piece of clothing you can’t live without? (Mine is a black hoodie.)

My watch.  I have a few I cycle through, but I always have to have one on.

If you could go back in time, like Marty McFly, where would you go and why?

Well since I already got my 90s time machine from the genie to take care of my current nostalgia, I’d have to say the end of the 19th century London.  Go see some magic shows….

Where is one underground spot in the SA, completely off the tourist grid, that you would recommend to someone visiting?

The Friendly Spot

What things inspire or influence you when designing a new shirt?

“Nothing to something” stories are always influential.  I actually have the Johnny Cupcakes “About” page printed out as a reminder that it doesn’t matter where I’m at now, I can make it anywhere.

What are some of your favorite Indie brands?

That’s a long list…..haha.  My fellow Texas brands: Million Monkeys, Pur3ly Root3d, Grits, Sleepydan, and Loyal K.N.G. are just a few. I think the indie scene in Texas is really starting to blossom and it’s awesome to have been able to see these brands very early in the game and see what they’ve grown into over such a short period of time.

Now for a round of “this or that,” ya ready? 
-  Absolutely

Luke Skywalker or Han Solo
Han Solo

Spaghetti and…
Meat sauce or Garlic butter
Meat Sauce

Tina Fey or Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima.  UNLESS Tina would be in character as Liz Lemon AND was going to be escorted by Alec Baldwin in character as Jack Donaghy.

Dub Step or Screamo
Dub Step

Thor or Loki

Analog or Digital

Maybach or Range Rover

Crew neck or V-neck
Crew neck any day.

Vans or Chucks

Tattoos or Piercings

Watch the Throne or Game of Thrones
 Watch the throne

Any Shout outs?

Thank you to WORD for this opportunity!  And thank you to all of the faceOFfame supporters out there!  Couldn’t do it without ya’ll!

Thanks for reading this edition of "Have you heard of...?" and be sure to check out faceOFfame!

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