Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Have you heard of...Captain Greedi?

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I’mmmm baaacckkk, with another edition of “Have you heard of…?” Remember last week, when we all met the first brand competing for Word of Mouth’s first ad space competition; well today I bring you Captain Greedi, the second brand in the competition. As I perused the Captain Greedi site, the first thing I saw was a yacht next to the logo, my reaction? Ummm, it went something like, “I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat!  Everybody look at me…” Just kidding, but it definitely set a precedent for a unique trip through the site that included many insights into what goes on behind the scenes and in the daily development of this brand. So without further a due, I bring you a new edition of “Have you heard of…?” where I am pleased to introduce you all to Jonathan and his Dallas based brand, Captain Greedi.

Here we go, here we go…

First off, introduce yourself and tell me about your 
Captain Greedi is a brand/lifestyle to motivate any individual to “Get Greedi”. Our main focus is to encourage and achieve goals in life that one may want to pursue. We all want the finer things in life and that is what we produce, handpicked American-made top quality apparel. The line is inspired by success. To show that it’s finally ok to “Get Greedi” and be successful at it. Who is Captain Greedi you ask? We’re all Captain Greedi…

It looks like wealth is an influential factor present in Captain Greedi, what was the inspiration behind your brand name?
SUCCESS and enjoying the benefits behind hard work.  I look at Captain Greedi as being a stamp of approval. It's a platform for people to stand on and say that anything they dream of or work hard for is possible. It will all pay off in due time. 

As an entrepreneur, what made you decide to create a brand of shirts?
Being a photographer and a creative person, I wanted to be able to give a piece of art and pass a message, these aren't just your everyday tees :) lol

On your site you have a “Look Book,” what made you decide to include this on your site and how does it tie in with your brand?
It's meant to showcase individuals hard at work doing what makes them happy and taking care of business in their everyday job/hobby to reach success. 

In your experience, what has been the most challenging thing about creating and selling your shirts?
Right now the most challenging thing is just getting the word out....you know "word of mouth", (no pun-intended) lol. There's still a whole world of people that have no idea of Captain Greedi...we are working on making that number smaller, I'm sure there are more challenges along the way that we are prepared to experience. 

“MONE Y, MONEY, MONEY, MUHH-NNAAYY” is a common theme I’ve noticed in your shirts, my favorite being the “Swim Good” tee (wink), when designing a shirt what other things inspire or influence you?
Again success!...Success is not just meaning a level of wealth, but it could be compared to the path of any great challenge. It's not just money but the feeling of accomplishing a set goal after putting in the necessary work. 

What do you think separates Captain Greedi from other brands?
It's the message and lifestyle that’s attached to the brand that makes it different than any other. 

What is the ultimate goal you have for your brand?
TV Superbowl commercial! LoL... Just kidding. To be an established brand that anyone can enjoy for years to come.

If you could go back in time and invent something that people use every day, what would it be? (Mine would be GOOGLE!)
I would have to say Apple Products! 

If Pfizer asked you to create a magic pill, using one thing about yourself, that everyone would want, what would it be? (Go ahead and brag, I don’t mind)
Being persistent and going after what I believe in. At the end of the day, it's all about doing what we love. And I have always been all about just that... doing what I love. Persistence is the only way we get things done! 

If you could choose one celebrity to endorse and wear your brand, who would it be and why?
A lot of people don't like him but I would have to say Kanye West. I'm a fan of his art and the way he expresses himself fashionably. 

Name three of your all time favorite cartoon characters and why they are your favorites.
Popeye, Mighty Mouse, and Uncle Scrooge. 
I liked the three because of the stories that were behind them. They all got through situations that didn't hold them back. 

What are some of your favorite Indie brands?
That's hard to say cause there's so many. They're all different in their own way. 

Now for a round of “this or that,” ya ready?

Comic Books or Graphic Novels
Graphic Novels

Vinyls or MP3s/MP4s

Mac or PC

Young Money or Rocafella

Sperry or Converse

Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry

Crew neck or V-neck
Crew neck

Hip Hop or Dubstep
Hip Hop

California Dreamin’ or Big Apple Bound

Steak and Potatoes or Sushi
Steak & Potatoes

Khaki chinos or Levi jeans

Any Shout Outs?
Nah I know a lot of people, don't wanna leave any one out...just wanna thank everybody for their love and support

Thanks for reading this edition of "Have you heard of...?" and be sure to check out Captain Greedi!

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