Monday, February 27, 2012

Black Sheep Limited: St Patricks Day Tee

Black Sheep Limited is getting a jump on St Patty's day. It goes down in Lower Greenville in Dallas for that day. A couple of things to explain here: one, what the hell does that mean? Ask your hispanic friends about that. And two: who is Black Sheep Limited?

Well Black Sheep is an upstart brand set to launch later this year based out of, you guessed it, Dallas, TX. I have been aware of this brand since late last year, around World Series time. I have seen a couple of preliminary designs for the brand and I have some high hopes for the rest of the brand.

You can pre order this St Patricks day tee until March 2nd, guaranteed to be at your door before the big day.

Black Sheep also does AWESOME custom packaging. I reached out to Adrian to do the packaging for my WORD tees and they came out amazing, the feedback has been great. So make sure you check out the sites and social media outlets for Black Sheep Limited.

Contact info:

Tumbler: BlackSheepLimited
Twitter: @blacksheeplimit

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