Friday, November 4, 2011

YAOTL Announcements

A while back I mentioned YAOTL would be having an announcement soon. I also posted a teaser pic about that announcement. Well today is the day you have been waiting for! Javier Trillo has been hard at word shaping his already awesome brand YAOTL.
Today he has added a new product to the brand: Dem Dirty Apes! (or DDA for short) These awesome sock monkeys are all 100% handmade, you can not, will not find 2 identical Apes. These apes are very well crafted and highly detailed. Even the YAOTL emblem is hand sewn to the chest of each ape. I love the bright colors Javier chose for these Apes. Javier was kind enough to give me an Ape a few weeks ago for my 3 month old baby Mia and she loves it! I posted a few pics below of Mia playing with the Ape, and also getting mad at me for taking her picture. My wife, who is a wholesale rep for children's clothes, absolutely loves this idea and cannot wait to buy a different colored Ape. These will be available today at 4:00pm central time zone on the YAOTL site. (click on images to enlarge)

OK now you might be wondering "what is that YAOTL box behind the Ape?" Well I'm glad you asked! YAOTL is now running a promo to reward their most loyal customers. The military boxes come in two versions: the .30 cal and the .50 cal box.

For those customers who spend $100 or more will receive the GOLD PACKAGE which includes a .30 cal military box custom painted and signed by Javier himself! For customers who spend $200 or more on YAOTL product will receive the PLATINUM PACKAGE which includes the .50 cal military box (pictured here) also painted and signed by Javier Trillo. The GOLD and PLATINUM PACKAGES will be on display and available at Artes Alley this Saturday! So be sure you come check it out.

These military boxes are absolutely insane!

Check out the review I did on YAOTL a couple of weeks ago here.

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