Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Brand, The Vision & The Event

The time has come. This Saturday at the Rose Marine Theater in Ft Worth TX, I will be participating in an art event called Artes Alley. If you haven't heard of it click here. The event is a market for artists to sell their work, network and overall have a good time. It is a family event so please invite any and everyone you know. I will have a vendor table at the event to sell my new tees.

These tees will be the beginning of my brand. After months of planning, researching and networking I have come up with the name: STUDIOUS. A couple of official definitions of studious are:

1. Diligent in regard to studying
2. Carefully planned or maintained

In the traditional sense, I hate studying. While in high school, I can hardly remember studying at all. That's not the kind of studying I am referring to with this brand. STUDIOUS will be about life. My designs are influenced by the people and things I love, the lessons I have learned and the flaws about myself that I am continuously working on.

As a teen I was always into graffiti art. I loved it and practiced it everyday, sometimes all night long. I am not embarrassed to say I've spent the night jail, and a year on probation for doing what I loved. As I matured, so did my style in art. Though I still love street art, graffiti, and tagging, my style and taste has evolved and I have grown a great appreciation for Typography.

Studious will be typography inspired. I am not ready to say Studious will be completely typography based, because I don't know enough yet, but my designs are very much inspired by typefaces that I love.

I am releasing 4 designs on Saturday at the event. I have worked very hard and am I very satisfied with the results. I really hope you see something you like. Below is one clear mock-up pic of a design and the other 3 are teaser pics blurred out. Enjoy! Big thanks to Alexa Machine for the mock-ups and of course for printing my tees!

The FAILURE tee. This is a design about lessons I've learned. I really love this quote and this is one of my favorite designs. I hope this tee can be a reminder and motivator to never give up on your goals and dreams. Always take each failure as valuable lesson, and learn from it!

This design is the Logo tee. If you look in the background you can get a better idea of the design and color scheme.

This tee was inspired by a Notorious BIG line on the song Dead Wrong. I think it ties in well with the Studious theme and I love the ampersand. Relax!

This tee is called DAYDREAMING. Inspired by my desk, back of the class, in the corner. Each doodle represents an idea for the brand that was either executed, scrapped or is in the works.

All these tees will be available online and at the event Saturday at 5:00pm. Each tee is limited in sizes so make sure you get yours before they are gone. I will have prices and maybe even a discount code for my Facebook and Twitter followers! 


  1. Very excited Bobby! Love the brand name and message of the first tee. Can't wait to support you like you've supported us!

  2. Thanks Sam! I'm gonna need all the support I can get!

  3. Crazy sick bro!! Sam could not agree more!

  4. I'm ready to be STUDIOUS and spread the word!! Congrats Bub! I know this is something you have worked on your entire life and have dedicated so much time and effort. Good Luck my brother form another mother!

  5. Bobby, I'm proud of you my friend!! It's crazy to see things go from the drawing board to a final print; and now your brand is finally here. I wish you the best of luck, now let the grinding begin.

  6. Thanks for all the support everyone! I really appreciate it!

  7. Great job Bobby! Good to see hard work, dedication and the DREAM come alive!

  8. Nice work man !!! I'm happy n proud of you man. I know it's been a long process to get to here but this is just the beginning and I'm sure you and your brand will only get better....