Sunday, September 25, 2011

Texas Teezilla RECAP

Saturday was the big day. The day I had been looking forward to for some time now. So did Texas Teezilla deliver? Yep. I had a great time, I always do at these events. Over 36 brands gathered together at Quixotic in Deep Ellum to create the very first t-shirt expo known as Texas Teezilla. The expo was hosted by J from Lies and Filth and included DFW's newest and most creative t-shirt brands.

Word of Mouth was there to help set up, organize and simply meet and greet everyone. Rene and I were there all day and we loved it. Everyone was really cool and welcoming. We met some awesome owners of brands that we had never heard of, and brands that we were slightly familiar with. I had a chance to meet Javier from YAOTL Threads, a brand I just heard about that week. His tees are awesome, check him out. Networking is always a huge plus at these events.

All the regulars were there: Sleepy Dan, The Good Child, Fresh Kaufee, Loyal KNG.... you get the picture. The vendor turn out was amazing. It was hard to tell that this was a first year expo.It was great to finally hang out with the big homie Sam from Kill Hubris. The venue was a decent size and ended up working well, even with the number of vendors. The crowd started out a little slow in the morning but quickly picked up. The crowd was nice and diverse. You could tell there were some fans of brands as well as "walk-ins." The atmosphere was kid friendly, I had my baby there for a while. I also saw a few other young kids as well as babies that stopped by. The DJs were awesome at keeping the energy up. There were times though, I wished the music wasn't so dominate. It was a little hard to just talk when you met someone. Overall, they did a great job. J held a raffle in which all the tee brands donated a tee to be raffled off for a dollar a ticket. All the money from the raffle went to help those in need from the recent wild fires. Some of the friends I invited won a tee in the raffle, so that was fun to see. Even my wife won a Lies and Filth cap!

I am really glad I got involved with this from the jump and I look forward to working with J for the next Teezilla. Big shout out to all the brands that made this event a success. I love it when Dallas comes together to show love. It was great seeing everyone again. There is already talks of doing this twice a year! Good luck to everyone with your brands, I wish all of you nothing but success. Hit us up for features and any thing else we can help you with. Now I will be the first to admit, I am HORRIBLE at remembering to take pictures during the good moments of parties, but at least this time I caught the b-boys in action. Enjoy the pics!


  1. Love to hear that the event turned out well! I keep saying that Dallas's support for indie apparel is untouchable and this proves it. Great article, love the pictures as well!

  2. This event showed the Metro-Plex and the State have very unique and the next big brands. This event is only proof of that. Big thanks to Lies and Filth and Word Of Mouth for all the help and hospitality. Amazing article! Thanks for the S/O!

  3. Thanks for checking it out AHtQ! Stay in touch Javier!

  4. Great write up & pictures Bobby! Teezilla looks like an amazing event, they should do more things like that over in the UK. Loved to have been there.