Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All Hail The Queen promo package

An indie tee brand that recently launched, All Hail the Queen, sent me this promo pack to announce their arrival on the scene. I've been in contact with these guys for the past month or so and I was excited to see their line.
The package they sent is pretty sweet. It contained a wristband, 3 stickers, 2 buttons and a wax sealed personalized letter from The Queen. I loved the wax seal on the letter. Attention to detail like this is always a good idea. No tee in the package that was sent, but that's OK I was plenty happy with the goods included. The stickers are high quality vinyl and a nice size. I will say, I was hoping for a little more creativity with the sticker but being that it is the launch, I think they felt it was important that the name was easily readable. The buttons and wristband were both high quality as well, I'll be wearing this wristband this week.

I am looking forward to working with, and spreading the word about, All Hail the Queen. I really like the effort these guys put into the details of each item. It is obvious they are serious about their brand and I think their commitment to quality will ensure their longevity. You guys be sure to check them out! Their info links are below the pictures:

Contact AHtQ:
Twitter: @AHTQapparel
Facebook: AHTQapparel  

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