Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ugmonk Celebrates Three Years

Ugmonk has been a Word of Mouth favorite because of their minimalist designs, and we previously featured them in a favorite tees write up.  When we got word of the upcoming Ugmonk limited edition tee set celebrating their three year anniversary, we couldn't wait to check it out.  Three years is an amazing accomplishment.

The set released this past friday and I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed.  But only because Ugmonk has set the bar so high with their previous work.  I thought the price point was a little high, but the set runs VERY limited at only 200 available and also comes with a bunch extra goodies.  You have to take that into consideration.

Each anniversary set includes 3 items: The black 3rd Anniversary shirt packaged in a reusable string tie portfolio made of chipboard material.  The third item is a laser engraved leather coaster with the 3rd Anniversary logo.

The design stays consistent with what we've come to expect from Ugmonk, but it still left me wanting a little more.  I do like the color scheme, as black is classic.  You can't go wrong with a black tee.  (Except in this Texas heat, but I still find myself wearing one 90% of the time!)

Although, this set doesn't necessarily do it for me personally, it's a great release nonetheless.  Telling by recent tweets, the sets are selling well in its first weekend.  If you're into them, jump on them quickly because once they are gone, they're gone for good and there are only 200 of them!

I'll be following Ugmonk for future releases because I love what they're doing.  I suggest you do the same and stay up with them.

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