Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mid Week Check In 8/31

The past two weeks have been crazy. Plenty to do for the blog, not enough time. We have been productive though. We got our tees printed up, handed out a few, sold a few, and held some giveaways to reward followers on Twitter and Facebook. I am very pleased with the response I received from the design.
Everyone seemed to like it, or at least pretend to like it! I can't thank the people who bought a tee enough, your support is much appreciated. Big thanks as well to Sleepy Dan, Heather aka The Good Child and Sam from Kill Hubris for being the biggest supporters of the giveaways we have been doing. The giveaways are not over so keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for the next contest.

To all the brands that have been hitting me up on the Gmail account: I will get back to you. Not that the account is overflowing with emails, I just haven't had a chance to respond to everyone. Today, I did take a few minutes to read every email and responded to a few. I am going to try to do a write up for all of the brands that have hit me up. I can't do interviews for everyone, but between Rene and I, we can do a quick feature or announcement for mostly everyone. Interviews take a LONG time. Not only to write but just to coordinate time to chat. I have been chatting online with some brands in hopes to getting a better idea of what questions to ask. Previously, I would just check out the brand for a while, then come up with some questions I thought would hit. I am trying to be a little more personal these days and I think it will be worth it. I had a conversation with Rene about quality vs quantity and we both immediately agreed, we would rather have fewer posts with more quality rather than a whole mess of posts just to fill the page or gain quick hits.

A quick way to get a feature is by sending us your tee to review. Like rabid fans in a basketball arena, we love getting a free tee! The reviews take just about all night to do, but we love it. The turn around time on reviews is almost immediate. This is a tee blog, obviously reviewing tee shirts get priority over just about everything. Just thought I'd mention that just in case you didn't know.

I've been trying to come up with ideas for video on the site. The most obvious idea would be just to sit in front of a camera and review tees. While we may end up doing our own version of that, I really want to do something outside of the box. I just think that style has been done, and done well, so I don't want to copy any ones formula exactly. I am really upset at myself for not recording our printing at Dan's house. Live and learn I guess.

Last topic: My brand. Finally I have come up with a name, theme and style that I am 100 percent confident in and I feel best represents me. I am VERY excited to get this going. I have been working very hard on sketches for tees and I am done with two of them and I think I am about done with the logo. My plan is to still take my time (which is very hard to do) and design as many tees as possible. I want to have a release party after the winter. I know that seems like a world away but I really want to do this right. I want to pay for everything out of pocket and it is going to get pricey. My party will, of course, be in Dallas. I then plan on applying for a booth at StyleX during SXSW 2012 in Austin. Sounds ambitious I know, but if everything goes to plan, my dreams will be a reality. So like it or not, I am taking my time on this one. Between my wife, my close friends/family and my new friends I've met thru this blog, I feel that I have everyone I need in my corner. Wish me luck!

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