Thursday, July 28, 2011

Loyal K.N.G. Hands On Review


What's up everyone? Thanks for visiting Word of Mouth where t-shirts are king. Speaking of king, today I will be reviewing a tee from Dallas Texas' own Loyal K.N.G.! Do you say Loyal KING or Loyal K-N-G?
 I find myself saying K-N-G but I hear people saying king. Either way, these dudes are SERIOUS players in the indie tee scene. Here in Texas you will find them at all the events-Houston, Austin, San Antone, Dallas- doesn't matter, these dudes are there. I love how active they are and how supportive they are of the entire culture here in D-town. Well last week Trung, co-owner and designer of Loyal KNG, hit me up just to talk and let me know he reads Word. He also let me know that he was sending me tees for a review. Well yesterday the tees came in. I was definitely excited to see which tees Trung would send, they have so many to choose from.

The things I will be looking for in this review are: Packaging, Extras, Design, Quality vs Price, and finally Fit. Lets get started on the review...

The package that arrived was pretty basic. Just a USPS mailing envelope with a printed paypal mail header. Nothing fancy, but nothing wrong either. The picture above is everything that was in the envelope. The tees were individually wrapped in plastic t-shirt zip bags. The bags were custom with the Loyal KNG name printed in a very nice size. I love these bags to keep paint markers and spray paint caps in. I thought the custom bags were a very nice touch. Good job with the outer packaging, great job on the individual  tee packaging. 

The extras included were pretty sweet. I love when brands send random things like candy or buttons with a tee. Loyal KNG added stickers, Power Ranger trading cards and comics with the package. My favorite extra is always the hand written letter. Trung sent this little card and doodled Goku on it along with a quick message for me. This is great way to show customers and fans your appreciation for little to no cost. Great job on the extras as well.

Loyal KNG sent me two tees, Super Atama and DunKNG Diggler, Super Atama pictured above. I will only be reviewing one tee today and I chose the Super Atama tee. The design, obviously, is a play off of the Super Man emblem, integrated with the Loyal KNG logo. While I don't consider this a ground breaking design, I do like it. In Dallas, Loyal KNG's logo is easily recognizable and becoming classic. So tying in the two classic logos works well. The KNG initials stand for Knowledge Never Goes and idea that Super Man is always there, it works on that level as well. Overall I think the design is fun and a real eye catcher. Would I wear the design? Absolutely! Nice job with the design.

Quality vs Price:
The price on the tees are 30 bucks each. That's a little on the high end, but lets look at what all is included in the price. The tee is printed on American Apparel, has a custom screen printed size tag, a Loyal KNG logo on the back of the tee as well as the three color main art in the front. So you see where the money is going. The size tag (pictured on the cover) is one of the nicest I've seen and makes for a comfortable wear. The main print on the front of the tee well executed, the colors are nice, bright and clean. One thing I did notice was the ink was a little heavy. The black ink wasn't bad but the red and yellow was kind of thick. Nothing too crazy, but I have seen softer inks used on similar size prints. I have talked before about more established brands prices are higher than that of the new brands. Loyal KNG is one of the established brands I had in mind while making that comment. These guys have a huge following and the price point works for them. But even for a new fan of Loyal KNG I think this is a fair price; take into account that they do the custom packaging as well as all the little goodies that come with the tee. So overall quality vs price I think is a win for Loyal KNG at 30 bucks. Very fair price for the quality you will be getting.

This is the most important part of the review for me. Above are a couple of pics of me in the tee. Obviously I am not a model, but the tee fits great. You really can't go wrong with American Apparel. Here in Dallas all the top brands print on American Apparel so it was no surprise to see that Loyal KNG uses them. Not too much to say on fit, if you aren't familiar with American Apparel, go check out some blanks. The tees are top notch and always fit great. Again, can't go wrong with them.   

Overall Thoughts:
Overall it's a great, fun, weekend tee. I am looking forward to showing it off this weekend. Loyal KNG has always done things right and this tee is no exception. If you haven't already, go check out what they are all about at Their blog is awesome, I am a daily visitor and they never disappoint. 

Below are some "outtake" pics for the fit and the Dirk tee that was included. It was fun trying to get a decent pic! Hopefully I will get better.



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