Monday, July 4, 2011

KIXPO 2011 Recap

Kixpo has come and gone, and with everyone posting their pics and blogs I thought I'd better get going with mine. So let's do this..

I had a great time! I had been looking forward to this since I heard that it was going to be at Cowboys Stadium. With all the hype that been going around on Twitter, and every other social media outlet, it was hard not to get excited. Kixpo is the biggest streetwear event in DFW and very likely all of Texas. (I've been hearing things of a huge expo in Houston, we'll see) Everyone was out there, and it seems like we all had a great time. I met SO MANY Dallas based brands that I had no clue about. That was awesome, I was excited to meet them all. Houston was strongly represented at Kixpo. Seemed as if every other booth was a brand from Houston. I also had the chance to finally meet some people face to face that I had been talking to online. Like the guys from Lies and Filth, they hooked me up with a free tee of my choice, that's always cool!

I had a chance to talk to most of the brands, I got tons of contact cards and stickers with info. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with every last one of them. While I enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to see all the awesome brands, there were a few that stuck out to me. I won't mention any of the brands I have covered on this blog because we all know I love my Dallas designers. Instead, I want to talk about some of the new brands I discovered, that I was most impressed with.

I really liked Pink Elly. Their designs were unique and very creative. The logo alone was awesome. The guys at the booth were really easy going and in no time we were taking photos and exchanging info. I've since started following them on Twitter and they stay active and involved with their fans. Pretty cool.

Jerry Rockit is a brand based out of Houston. Jerry runs the brand and does his own designs. His tees were very solid, especially being his first line. I'm going to keep an eye out for this brand, I expect big things from Jerry in the future.

Moon Star is another brand from Houston (told you H-town was reppin) These guys were really cool and I liked the design a lot. I think they are fairly new because they didnt have many designs out there. But what they did have, I was impressed with. I am hoping to do a feature of some sort for the blog with these guys. Look out for that.

I took way too many pics, below are most of the ones that came out ok. I am not too handy with the camera. Enjoy..

Crowned Head had some dope designs. That Triple D design was awesome.
Yup, Fur Face Boy tees for 20 bucks.
No Heather?! What a rip!

Hardly Human from Dallas, they are young but watch out for these dudes.
Hugo doing what he loves.

Free Movement Project. These dudes were way too serious for me...


Serious business!

Will and Matrimoney always do it big!

Mad Gods setup..

Original Standard had a sweet setup!

Raniel Macasaet had some crazy photos for sale.

I can't keep up with Loyal KNG! There are so many tees!

There's Heather!

I'm mad that this is the only pic I got of Too Dope. These tees were awesome! Laredo TX in the house!

Sleepy Dan had one of the best set ups in the place. No surprise.

Stay Gold was reppin strong.

San Antone in the house!

Rodeo on the 60 yard wide screen!

Series 4 Unkommon Kolor!

KIXPO 2011

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