Monday, July 4, 2011

Kill Hubris Poster Giveaway

Kill Hubris just got these beautiful 11x17 posters printed up. So, to spread the word they are giving away 5 FREE POSTERS right here on Word of Mouth!
 The rules are simple, just comment below with your Twitter name and/or email address. Then, on Wednesday July 6th 7pm central, I will pick 5 winners from the comment section.

These posters will be for sale on the Kill Hubris web store soon, but this is your chance to get your hands on one before anyone else! I'd be willing to bet KH will throw in some stickers with the posters as well.

Here are some tips to increase your odds of winning:
Tweet about this!
Follow @killhubris and @_WORDofmouth_on Twitter
Like Kill Hubris and Word of Mouth on Facebook
Spread the word any way possible!
Buy a tee from


  1. @UnknownFruit

    Also, the link to your twitter on this post isn't working properly. It says your page doesn't exist. I believe you're missing the second underscore.

  2. @meems0

    I'm crossing my fingers. Hope to win one!

  3. I'm so lucky I kno ima win.....:)

  4. Hope someone gets lucky bub...

  5. This poster looks good, I wouldn't mind hanging it on my wall!

  6. bub I wasnt going to hang anything on my walls at My house thats right the big boy house till I seen these posters.....I'ma need all 5 posters..I said all 5 right, ok then u know the # SEND EM to 1-800-bubba-ware

  7. Bub... am I getting a poster. Chink here!

  8. @radioheadsteve...i love my hubris

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. I will be picking the winners in 30 minutes

  10. Sorry for the delay, the winners are: @AR_Big, @UnknownFruit, @meems0, @radioheadsteve and Felix23.. congrats to everyone and thank you for commenting! I will be in contact with everyone through twitter, and Felix I have your email address.