Friday, July 1, 2011

Kill Hubris T-Shirt Review

Yesterday was a great mail day for me. No bills plus this Kill Hubris Three tee from Sam and Nathan to review, perfect. Now I didn't go to tee shirt college or fashion school, but I do know what I like. Kill Hubris were kind enough to send me the tee of my prefrence for this review. I chose this one because I like the clean and soft look of the tee. The color of the tee is one of my favorites and works really well with the design.

A few things I will be looking for in this review are: Packaging, Extras, Design, Quality vs Price and Fit. Lets get started...

The tee was packaged in a high quality, 3.2 mil extra thick, black poly mailer with a custom Kill Hubris mailing sticker on the front. Instead of hand writing my name and address on the front they printed out the info on another sticker, perfect. I thought the black mailer was a nice choice to complement the branding of the tees. It’s always kind of funny to see a tee shirt show up in your mail box with a generic mailer and a hand written address. Not here, the packaging was on point. Not over whelming but nice job.

The tee came with about 6 stickers, 2 styles-3 of each. The shirt also came with a hand written thank you letter, on a custom print sheet, from Sam and Nathan. That alone was awesome. Taking the time to thank a customer with a hand written letter, even if it’s just on a receipt, lets the customer now you appreciate their business. It was cool that Kill Hubris printed up some high quality custom letters to do that. The stickers were decent quality and perfect size to plaster on my laptop.
This subject can be a little confusing, so let me clear up what I am looking for here. I want a design that I would WEAR on a tee. I’ve seen, and even bought, tees because I thought the design was just awesome. Then later I realize I probably won’t be wearing the tee too often. Some designs are way too busy or just too big or too silly to be on a tee (for me). Maybe I am getting old. OK back to the review. This design I like and when I finally saw it in person I wasn’t disappointed. The graphic is well designed and the print is well executed on the tee. The image has the strength to be the logo of the brand in my eyes. I know they use the “KH” logo, which is cool too, I prefer this one. Kill Hubris puts a lot of thought into their designs and it shows.

Quality vs Price
Kill Hubris charges 25 bucks a tee plus a standard 5 bucks for shipping. So they are right around the norm for a quality tee. Now, is the tee’s quality worth it? Hell yea it is. The tee is printed on a Authentic Pigment brand tee made from ring spun cotton. The print is almost soft enough where you don’t feel it. That’s a big deal with the size of the print. Had they cut cost on a cheap print, the size of the design would weigh the tee down and make it uncomfortable to wear. The tee almost has a vintage feel to it, not a strong vintage look but I could definitely see it getting more comfortable after some washes. I love that. The tee also has a screen printed size tag in the back for extra comfort as well as a  hem tag on the right sleeve. Nice value for your money.
The final and most important category in the review. With as good as this tee is doing, if I try it on and the fit is “off” then I won’t wear it. I will say this: I’ve gained a few pounds in the last few months so this category may or may not be as consistent as I’d like it to be. But for today’s tee the fit was right on. Wasn’t too tight, wasn’t too wide.  The length was just below my waist and the sleeves were a nice size as well.  The collar is nice and thick so I don’t see a problem with it wearing much over time. I wasn’t familiar with Authentic Pigment tees before today, but I am pleasantly surprised with the fit. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not sure what the pricing is on Authentic Pigment but I will be considering them for my blog tee.  (I was one deep, so I couldn't get a good pic of me with the tee on without looking like a myspace pose)

Overall Kill Hubris put together an awesome tee. I had high expectations for this tee because Sam does a great job branding and staying involved on the web, so he didn’t disappoint. Good job guys I really like the tee and I appreciate yall sending me one for this review.

Above are the free Elephant iphone wall paper as well as KH logo wallpaper for you to download. Speaking of free: Kill Hubris and Word of Mouth will be having a contest next week to give away their unreleased 11X17 poster. Stay tuned for more info on that very soon!

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  1. Awesome review for some killer tees. I personally have three and love them all. By the way, i am a chick and they fit me well also.

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