Friday, July 1, 2011

Buying a T-shirt online

Buying a tee online and buying a tee in person are two very different experiences for obvious reasons. I won’t go into what I look for when buying a tee in person because well, everyone should know how to do that. Quick tip though: Try the shirt on!

Buying a tee online though can be a little tricky. Here are a few things that I look for when buying a tee online:

1. A professional, easy to use, safe website.
If I feel the least bit sketched out by the safety of the website, the deal is off. No way I am using my credit card when pop ups are being blocked the whole time I’m on your site. I love using Pay Pal, if your site has Pay Pal I am 10 times more likely to make a purchase. Get Pay Pal.

2: Any and all info on how the tee will fit.
A lot of sites do a great job of describing what type of tee they print on. Some will give you the brand name, others will give you the material the shirt is made from and or the dimensions of each size of the tee. Most of the time if you just tell me the brand you printed on I will be happy but, I believe you can never have too much info about the tee.

3. Price after shipping
Nothing kills a deal more than shipping costs. I’ve seen tee’s go on sale for a decent price, then when you go to check out shipping is 60 percent of the cost of the tee. When shopping for full price tees this can be a deal breaker as well. Usually my max is about $30 a tee (unless I absolutely must have the shirt) plus shipping. Most companies charge around 5-8 bucks to ship the tee. When stumbling upon a new brand I am usually expecting to pay around 16-26 bucks plus shipping. The more established the brand usually the more the tee costs.

4. Coupon codes.
Most indie brands have some kind of promo going through Twitter or somewhere on the internet. Follow their sites and find out what they are doing. The best promo codes to me are the free shipping codes.  I’d rather pay full price and save 6 bucks on shipping than save 6 bucks on the tee only to pay it back in shipping costs. It’s the same final price I know, it just feels better.

5. Extras.
Who doesn’t like extra items with their tee? Most brands will throw in stickers, button and sometimes even a free tee if your order is big enough. A good website will let you know that you will be receiving extras with your order.

These are the things I look for when buying a tee online. Hope it helps.

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