Saturday, June 4, 2011

YUMS First Friday

Yesterday was Friday June 3rd 2011, the first Friday of the month. So like every other first Friday, Yums had a party. This was my first time at the Yums Shredquarters, it was insane. I was very impressed with the whole set up. They have an indoors quarterpipe/skate park for the hardcore skaters. They had a DJ set up spinning all sorts of music to skate to. It looked like there was a contest going on, but I'm not sure, I spent most of my time outside. The weather was perfect thanks to all the trees that provided shade over the entire party. Outside was another smaller skate park, a DJ, graffiti artists doing their thing and body painting. Red Bull girls were out there giving away cans of Red Bull. The party was kid friendly as well. Yums had a HUGE blow up slip-n-slide for all the younger kids out there. I thought it was awesome how kid friendly the whole party was. Dallas rapper Big Tuck made an appearance and performed a few songs. He also censored his lyrics for the kids, props for that. I think DJ Baby Chino
was there but I left a little early so I didn't get to see him. Maybe next time.

The party had a great turn out. Not so much that it was too crowded, but just enough to let you know you were at a great party. Respect to Yums for doing parties like this, I think its an awesome idea and I will be back next month with my 12 year old skater cousins!

Here are some pictures I took at the party....

Yums Shredquarters is located at 3505 S HWY 157 Euless TX. Go check it out!

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