Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things I Will ALWAYS Love....

Starting now I will be doing a weekly post on things I will always love. Just to share a few things about me. I won't be promoting these posts so if you are reading this, chances are you just stumbled upon this page or you are one of the two people I hit up everytime I post something. Either way, thanks for checking it out. This is just something fun for the blog so dont be so serious!

My first "Thing I will ALWAYS love" is.......
 Andy Capps Hot Fries!

Man these are so good! I love spicy food, like uncomfortably spicy. While these aren't THAT spicy, they still get the job done. I remember as a kid, I would go to the laundry mat with my aunt Helen and she would give me 4 quarters to play video games and buy something from the snack machine. That snack machine had Hot Fries. So I would play two games of Galaga (a prime candidate for the next post) and buy Hot Fries for 35 cents out of the snack machine. Then gum with the change I got back from the Hot Fries. Damn, now that I think of it, that was the best dollar I've ever spent. The vending maching at my day job (I love calling it "day job") has Andy Capp's Hot Fries for 50 cents! I just discovered this the other day, and spent two bucks on them just in case the word got out. The packaging has changed a bit, they used to have a little comic strip on the back. Now, it's a metallic blue packaging with a new font but the original character. I miss the old packaging but they taste exactly the same. So thank you vendor guy for stocking our machine with Andy Capp's Hot Fries. I will always love them.

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