Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Independent Tees Inspired by the NBA Finals

I've been seeing so many NBA Finals tees around town and all over the web. So I figured I would create a post to share all the different tees out there. Being that I am in Dallas, it was MUCH easier to find the Mavs/Dirk tees. But if you see any Heat inspired tees, or Mavs tees that I missed, please let me know through Twitter @_WORDofmouth_ or just comment below. I will be updating this post as I find more tees. I should mention, click the names below each picture to purchase the tees. The link on the left takes you to the site page and the link on the right takes you to the designers Twitter page. Enjoy.....

Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Champions! Now that the Finals are over, championship tees are sure to follow. Fur Face Boy was quick to release his tribute tee to the Mavs. Surely more to come. I will be on the look out and keep this post updated..

Mavs Champioship Tee by Sportiqe

Updated version of the Title Run Tee posted below

Nice design on a high quality tee

This shirt is hilarious!

 Take Dat Wit Chew by takedatwitchew.com

Not sure if this tee was inspired by the Finals but it certianly has been featured during the Finals. See it in action right here.

Shogun is a retail space located next to the TCU campus in Ft Worth, TX. This design is a blend of their logo and the old Mavs logo.
We have a Heat tee sighting

At first glance I thought this was a pro-Heat tee, not so much

Ghost-face-drillah & Dirk for Drei tees by Unkommon Kolor
These two are awesome, I like the play off of "The Claw"


  1. the ghostface drillah looks off the hook !!

  2. What about the suck my dirk shirts. I seen a lot of those around Town