Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fur Face Boy Series 5 Release Party

Fur Face Boy held a party, May 14 at Hamhula T-shirt Co here in Dallas Texas, for the release of his awesome new series for his t-shirt line. I was able to make it out the party, a little late but I still made it. I wasnt able to grab one of the limited edition, one day only, FFB/Hamhula shirts but I did make sure to purchase the "Tu-Fur" t-shirt from the new line (I still think he should of called it "Fur-Pac") The shirt is awesome! A friend of mine came along and he bought the A.B.A inspired tee, also a great tee. Check out the entire series 5 line here.

Hamhula is an awesome spot to have a little party like this. The building itself is covered in awesome graffiti pieces, some old school, some 3d type pieces which I was very impressed with. The building set the tone for an overall hip hop vibe to the whole party. I didnt get a chance to get the DJ's name who was spinning when I walked in but he was killing it! great job with the music selection and all the mixing he did, that goes a long way. The crowd was as expected, young hip and fashionable. Everyone seemed to be having  a great time dancing, telling jokes and taking pictures. After I made my purchase I snapped a few pics with my Blackberry and enjoyed the music for a while. Then I went across the street to Lee Harveys to sit down and have a drink. I returned after just to check it out before I left and a new DJ was spinning. He was also doing an equally good job. 

Overall, I would say the party was huge success. I didnt get a chance to talk to Ha aka Fur Face Boy himself. Maybe next time I will get a chance to talk to him for a sec. Here a a few of the pics I took:

Some of the graffiti on the building
Series 5!

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