Friday, May 24, 2013

Del Barrio Tee (Word of Mouth Pre-sale)

     New tee available for pre-order designed by me. This tee was designed to show love/pride/respect to the neighborhood I grew up in; Barrio Pescado in San Marcos, Texas. I designed this be appealing to anyone, not just people from our neighborhood. I hope you find the design clean and fresh with a latino vibe.

     While I hope the design is attractive to most, I especially hope Jeff, Bones, Sops, Rock, Rene, Chooch, Roach, Worm, Frankie, Jaime, The Browns, Ray, Casey, Sal, Elias like it, if your last name is Ponce, Urbizu, Pacina, Clayton, Urrutia, Solis, Guttierez, Venegas, Gomez, Narvaiz, Perez, Torres, Rodriguez, Padron, Rangel, Pastrano, Godina, Delgado, Tristan, Lucio, Cisneros, if you ever walked to La Palma, hooped at the little park, got a raspa from Rivas, lived on Tampico, Durango, Saltillo Juarez or Laredo Street this tee is for you...

Last day to order is MODAY June 10th!

Also available in a tank top

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