Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mechanic Industries Ltd.

Hey guys, just wanted to introduce you all to Mechanic Industries Ltd, a UK based brand that is actually more centered around the design and production of gaming and gambling products (for magicians, flourishers, poker enthusiasts, and avid gambling fans) but also has a hand **no pun intended** in the indie t-shirt scene.

Below is the first tee in the Mechanic Work Wear line with more to come in the near future. It is based on the Ace of Spades, from one of their main products, the Mechanic Deck (it’s sick, check it out here) and it comes in three different color ways!

So if you’re into cards, whether it’s performing with them or playing with them OR you’re just looking for a hot new tee to sport, head over to Mechanic Industries Ltd. now and cop one of these work wear tees!

Check out all their great products here and be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them @MechanicLtd

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  1. Hi guys, you can win a FREE Mechanic Work Wear Tee in our 'Like' lotto over at our official FB page:

    Like now, we have only one prize to go before the Tee gets given away.

    Pretty good odds too ;)