Thursday, June 14, 2012


Things have been interesting lately. As I continue to blog, network, design and sell, I am still meeting new people. Not as frequent as usual, but still. I try and keep in contact with everyone I have made friends with from blogging.

On the blogging side: I know I don't keep the site as updated as I used to but traffic is still there. I try and keep things fresh with recommendations to tees I find thru Twitter and just surfing the web. Ive decided not to stress too much about big posts, but that doesn't mean I am not working on some. I have three  people I am trying to meet up with for a video interview. All three are very interesting people and have a completely different vibe. I am excited about that. I contacted my close friend from Lockhart for some original music for the videos. He already sent me the tracks, I love quick responses. Be on the look out for those interviews.

On the designing side: I just finished a very fun design for my next t-shirt. This tee is inspired by my close friends. I can not wait to get this tee out. I probably won't print very many but I am still excited. These "personal" tees I do, don't really generate any profit for me. The Mercy tee I did for my uncle was/is my favorite tee, and I just barely broke even on it, and I sold out. That was the goal with that tee though. I wanted to get it in the hands of as many people as possible, so I put the price as close to cost as I could.

I am not sure how I am going to release this next tee. I wanted to do a pre sale, that way I can get a better estimate of how many to print. But then, I really do not like pre sales. Honestly, I  am not even sure why I don't like them. Maybe its the hassle, maybe its the fact that the tee isn't even ready and people are giving me money that makes me uncomfortable. What if the tee comes out shitty? What if the mock up looks way better than the final product? Something about a pre-sale makes me uncomfortable. I would rather have the tees in hand before I take any money. Thats just me I guess. We will see how it goes. Look out for that tee in a couple of weeks.

On the selling side: while my sales have slowed down, due to the Spurs getting bounced, I had a great run. I sold more tees in one week than I had ever before. I am learning that timing is everything with these sports tees. I was blessed to be featured in a small article about t-shirts on the exact day that I released my new Spurs tee. Talk about timing! I was receiving more traffic thru the store than ever and making lots of sales. It was a great feeling to see people from all over the U.S. ordering tees that I designed. While ultimately I don't do this for the money, I must admit, my eyes were opened to some opportunities that I will be taking advantage of in the near future. Its never a bad idea to make moves to fund your passion. That is the goal right? To do what I love as long as possible.  Well thats my goal at least.

Other than that: I will participating in the Centre Locals event. A small event here in Dallas. Very excited about that, even though I am not ready. Really I just want an excuse to hang out with everyone, and meet new people. See you there next Saturday at Centre


  1. Good read Bobby! My experience in this business is that it's all about timing and cashing in when you can. If your just trying to make money but if your building a brand it take a lot more. I like what you do with this Blog and how you connect with all the Brands out there. We are all learning how to make things better in our business and Im glad this site is around! So keep up the good work.

    Brand Unofficial