Sunday, June 24, 2012

Centre Locals 2012

Saturday June 23rd, Centre held the annual Locals event. This was one of the first shows I attended when I started blogging. This year, I participated in the event and it was awesome. Beside the relentless heat, everything was perfect. I was a little worried about the space leading up to the event, but in the end it worked out great. I think there were about 23 local brands that participated.

I was stationed between my friends Jay (Lies & Filth) and Heather (The Good Child) Things got going on time at noon, there was no shortage in traffic. I had a great time meeting people and hanging out with friends. Sammy, Richard and Rene came thru to show their support, I really appreciate that! I made some new friends as well as caught up with old friends.

S/O to:
The homie Javier from YAOTL, had a great time kickin it, as always
Mike from Prep St., his brand is nuts and his commitment to quality is gonna take him a long way.
Danny from Post Code, very nice and high quality brand representing Dallas.
The good folks at Captain Greedi and Black Sheep Limited, it was great to finally meet y'all in person.
Jay, Heather, Will, Dan, Trung-Tony-Thien, Hugo, Jeremy Biggs, Jessi Supreme, Mike, Azim, its always good to see and talk to you guys, I can't wait for the next event.

Big thanks to everyone that bought a tee! enjoy the pics!

Post Code setting up

Sleepy Dan paining

Black Sheep set up

YAOTL in this b*tch

My table


Heather signing the Locals Only tee by Kill Hubris

The homie Jay LAF

Hugo doing his thing

Heather actin up

Danny and Post Code, look out for them!

Mars Mansion was reppin hard

Fresh Kaufee set up

The Loyal KNG table stayed busy

Fur Face Boy was out there selling tees

Javier trying to stay cool, Also pictured is Amy, kinda

Black Sheep!

Get Greedi!

Sleepy Dizzle set up