Saturday, May 19, 2012

Running your own brand

Ballpark Tee - Pitchers by Word of Mouth Shirts

One thing I love about putting out my own tees, is the fact that I get make my own rules. No one tells me when to release a tee. No one tells me how many I must print, the color the style... Nothing. I get to experiment with different ideas and react to whats going on at the moment.
I see brands so wrapped up in maintaining their identity, or being consistent. I get that, I guess, but I feel like that can hold you back a bit. For instance, before releasing tees, you come up with a brand name, a theme and identity. With so many brands out there I have seen so many themes. Lets say you choose the theme "running" (generic example, I know) then you come up with all these awesome designs, a brand image, website and release tees. The first wave of tees do ok and now you are ready to release some new tees. How many designs can you release with out getting burned out with the theme of "running" or whatever theme you came up with? I say not too many.

My point is: Why would you limit yourself?

This brand might feel that they can only release tees that relate to running. Screw that. Why limit yourself to small market? Who do you have to answer to if you release "off topic" tees? If the running brand released a tee about eating donuts would someone get fired?

I'm not fashion major, graphic designer (yet) not a marketing major, not a lawyer (sneak diss). I had no clue of what I was doing a year ago. But with a little research and networking, I have been able to do what I love in my free time, and do it successfully (humble brag). If the design is great, you will be ok. I feel like the designs are what you should be worried about, not your image. If you have a great design, put it on a tee! who cares what your brand name is? Stop putting yourself in a box and start designing what you are good at. 

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