Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mercy and the Originals Tee

Mercy Cerda was my uncle and in the 70's he was the lead singer for Mercy and the Originals, a latino orchestra band based in central Texas. They performed shows all over central and south Texas. Obviously I was not able to attend any shows, but from all the stories my Dad, uncles, aunts and cousins tell, Mercy was a star.
There were ten members of the band. Pictured below is a very early image of the entire band as well as the back of the photo with all the band members names.
Mercy is in the white pants on the right (click to enlarge)

Back of photo (Click to enlarge)

I designed this tee as if my uncle asked me to create a concert tee for the band.This tee will also have a small design on the back, as well as a custom size tag designed especially for this Mercy and the Originals tee. I will have these tees printed on a black blend tee to create a vintage feel and look. The overall design is to make the tee looked distressed, and "worn in." I also wanted to show my love for my family.  More than anything I really hope my family likes loves this tee, especially my cousins Victor, Destiny, Cookie and Lisa. I am really excited to get this tee in everyones hands. 

To ensure all my family gets their size, I am having a pre-sale. The tee will be $22 and the pre-sale will last until midnight on Wednesday April 4th. I may order a few extra but to make sure you get your size, PLEASE pre order yours. I would really hate to not get this tee to someone who really wants it. 

Use the code FAMILY to receive 20% off your order.

Last but not least happy belated birthday to my uncle Mercy. He would have been 65 on Friday. We all miss you uncle, your stories are still told, your music is still being played and obviously we all still think about you all the time. 


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