Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lies & Filth Free Tee Give Away!

Hi all,

I just received some exciting news from Bobby concerning two awesome details – Lies & Filth and FREE TEES! Yes, you just read that right…Lies & Filth and FREE TEES! Once again the dynamic duo of J at Lies & Filth and Bobby at Word of Mouth are giving you an opportunity to cop some of J’s edgy “politically incorrect unapologetic up in your face” tees. What a great way to make a statement without having to say a word! 

So here’s how to get entered. Show you support and do one of the following three things:

  • FOLLOW Lies & Filth and WORD on Twitter
  • Like Lies & Filth  and WORD on Facebook
  • Simply comment below, letting us know you support the movement!

                  IT’S THAT EASY! 

FIVE people will win and Bobby will be choosing the winners at 9pm CST tomorrow, April 19, 2012. ALL followers will be entered, old and new! Below are all the links you need to get entered…GOOD LUCK!

Lies and Filth:
Lies & Filth: @LIESandFILTH
Facebook: LiesandFilth

WORD of Mouth:
Facebook: Wordofmouth

Don’t forget to go by and check out ALL the great merchandise Lies & Filth has to offer!


  1. I support the movement! Boondocks tee is so nasty.

  2. Im down with Lies & Filth like 4 flat tires...

  3. Lies and Filth I support the movement and all my girlfriends know: "Aint gonna Suck itself"


  4. I support the movement. Just copped me a nice shirt from Bobby over at Word.

  5. Once again! An amazing opportunity from an amazing brand! Thanks to J and Bobby!

  6. I support the movement, best shirts I've seen on a long time

  7. I got nothing but support for you!

  8. Much LOVE to Filth and Word. You guys are definitely repin the DFW legit. hopefully I'll be working with you guys in the new future.

  9. I support the movement on Facebook, twitter AND in real life! THE best tees I've ever worn!

  10. Winners of the 5 free Lies and Filth tees are:
    Dan Smith
    Nathan Humme
    Adam Deleon
    David F
    Sammy C

    Most of these winners tweeted, facebooked and commented! Just a heads up for the next contest. All winners please email me your size and address. CONGRATS!!

  11. Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Bobby and J!