Thursday, March 1, 2012

St. Patty's Day Shirts!

Hi all,

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner which means three things, green booze (pro), lots of PARRR-TAYSS (another pro) and a whole lot of pinching (con). Here are three ways to ensure you stay pinch free while you enjoy the festivities of the holiday and look good doing it. All limited editions, so get’em now!


A nice play on the old Irish saying, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.” Make Your Own luck and get lots of smooches too. Order now!

Blacksheep Limited’s “LA DE VERDE, ME LA MUERDE”

Stand Out, pre-order yours now and sport it at the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Greenville. Come ooonnnn, you know you want to!

**PRE-ORDER** deadline is March 2nd and guaranteed to be delivered before March 17th.

**Use the code LOCAL to remove shipping charge, if you are picking shirt up in person from Adrian or picking it up from street team member**

Benaiah Clothing’s “Luck of the Warrior”

A St. Patrick’s twist on Benaiah’s custom logo, look Warrior fresh and clean sporting “luck o’ the Irish” green!

**PRE-ORDER**deadline is March 11th and will be shipped or available for pick up on the 12th.

**Lynchburg locals, use code LYNCHBURG1 for free shipping, if you are picking shirt up in person or contact them directly**

There you have it, three great ways to look stylish while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I leave you now with the words of Boondock Saint’s, Murphy McManus, “Yeah, it’s St. Patty’s Day, everyone’s Irish tonight. Why don’t you just pull up a stool and have a drink with us?” Right on, Murph! Right on…

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