Monday, March 26, 2012

Locals Only Tee

I've been waiting a LONG time for this post. It's finally here! The Kill Hubris Art House tee designed by The Good Child. Every year Kill Hubris will be featuring a different artist to design a tee for the Art House series. First up was Dallas Texas' own Heather Abbott aka The Good Child.

It's no secret that these are two of my favorite brands and also two of the biggest WORD of Mouth supporters. So naturally I was very excited to hear that they were collaborating on a tee. Well little did I know that I would also be featured on the tee! Pictured below is the first full image of the tee.

The concept is awesome. Sam and Heather came up with a cool way to pay respect to the indie scene, here in Dallas by including SOME of the artists that are doing what they love. I am absolutely honored to be included in this design and I think everyone included feels the same way. Here is a list of all the faces included:
  1. Matt and Collin of Magnificent Beard,
  2. Sam with the Hair, of Unkommon Kolor,
  3. Javier of YAOTL Threads,
  4. Ha, the Fur Face Boy,
  5. Heather, The Good Child,
  6. Biggs of Unkommon Kolor,
  7. J of Lies and Filth,
  8. Joonbug of Fresh Kaufee,
  9. Thien of Loyal KNG,
  10. Sleepy Dan of Sleepy Dan Brand,
  11. Bobby of Word of Mouth Shirts,
  12. DJ Sober,
  13. Trung and Tony of Loyal KNG,
  14. Azim of Azimo,
  15. Sam of Kill Hubris
  16. Nathan, Kill Hubris co-founder, and
  17. Hugo of HIJ Clothing.

The tee is a limited run of 60, which will be available on and You can buy yours next weekend!

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