Friday, February 3, 2012

Burn Card (t-shirt review)

Burn Card hit me up for a feature late last year. I did a post on a sale they ran. Well a little after Christmas I received a package in the mail via air mail. The sticker on the box said "Royal Mail." Hell yeah, that must be for me. In the package was a tee from Burn Card.

If you don't know about Burn Card, here is a little info: They are based in the UK and the brand is Poker Card themed. A "burn card" is a poker term used to describe cards that aren't used in a hand. No matter the meaning, its a really cool name. I was big into poker for a few years. I was even featured on ESPN in the WSOP... just kidding. I really was big into poker though. Building a brand around poker cards seems like a decent idea. There is surely a market out there. Here is what i think about the tee...

Like I said the box that showed up was cool in itself. The picture above shows the Royal Mail sticker I was talking about.

Inside the package was this amazing custom box for the tee. The box is a over sized card box with 100 percent customized Burn Card branding. I was VERY impressed with the custom box, I would even say I have never received a better custom package.

Inside the box were Burn Card stickers and of course the tee. Above is a look at the back of the box, along with the stickers spilling out. Again, I was very impressed.

The tee was very neatly folded, wrapped in black tissue and fit perfectly in the custom box. The tee and the stickers were in mint condition when I pulled them out of the box. I could really appreciate a well folded tee. Shows attention to detail.

 Burn Card goes above and beyond with the extras. Here is a pic of the poker card hang tag. Very nice touch and well designed.

Now time for the reason we are all here: the tee. This is the tee that was sent. They call this the "Sketch T-shirt" The design is nice and clean with great usage of the logo. It is a one color print with art work on the front and the brand name on the back (pictured up top)

Let me start with what I liked about the tee: I really like the design, I think the logo is great. The flames coming from the club has a distinct look and gives the brand a mature feel. I think these guys really know their market and cater toward them. The tee is printed on a Gildan heavy cotton blank, I can see poker players requesting these for sure. I like the size of the art as well, not too big not too small.

Here are the things I didn't like about the tee: The ink was a little heavy, with the size of the art, I don't see this being a huge issue but me being me, it bothered me. I was also surprised to see the Gildan size tag still attached to the tee. With all the customized packaging, stickers and hang tags I was sure a custom tag or printed size tag was included. Maybe this isn't a big deal to poker players but it goes a long way when branding your tee. As awesome as the packaging is, I won't be wearing any of it. The tee is what i will be wearing and looking at the Gildan tag is no fun.

Last but not least on my dislikes was the inconsistency of the sleeve sizes. Above is a picture of what I mean. If you look closely you can tell the sleeves are different widths. While trying the tee on I noticed one sleeve felt loose, I took it off and compared sleeves. Sure enough one sleeve was larger than the other.

I don't mean to be too tough on these reviews, but I am honest. I hope brands will appreciate my honesty over me gassing them up like an eager friend looking for a free tee.

Over all, I thought the tee needed some attention to detail. Burn Card is doing a lot of things right with their packaging and branding. Like I said this is the best custom packaging I have seen from any brand. If they are willing to make some adjustments with the actual tee, I think this brand will be top quality. A good blank is the biggest challenge when printing tees. Big thanks to Burn Card for sending me this tee I really enjoyed the opportunity to review it.

Below are a few more pictures of the packaging and the link to the Burn Card website. WORD!


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  1. Nice review, definitely want to try burn card on coming summer!