Friday, December 23, 2011

Krank Empire (T-shirt Review)

Over the Thanksgiving break I met up with Andrew and Christian, who together run Krank Empire, in Austin. Krank Empire is a full service design, printing and production house based in ATX. These guys do it all from tees to web design. They are really a good source to have if you are looking to start up a brand or need some new resources for your current brand.

In our quick meeting Andrew gave me a couple of tees, one which I will be reviewing today. So this review will not be the typical mailed in package review, being that the tee was handed to me not mailed. I will, however, be grading it on extras, design, quality-vs-price and fit. The grading is based on a 1-5 number system 1 being crap and 5 being as dope as it gets. Lets get started.

Above is the stock picture taken from the Krank Empire website. This tee is called "Endo Weed."

The tee was given to me in a bag along with these few brand extras. There were plenty of stickers, 2 designs, and a Krank Empire lighter. Nothing earth shattering here, very standard extras, but I will say I have not seen anyone include a lighter before. That is a cool idea and also shows what the guys can do as far as product printing. Very solid extras, I will give them a 4. Not a 5 only because I would like to see some color in the stickers and lighters. Not just black and white.

I think the design is clever and well executed. The play on words requires one to know a little ebonics, but luckily for me I am fluent. Like I said I think its clever, very clean. A single color print works great for a design like this, I can also appreciate them not "over-doing it." I think the size of the print and location work well for this tee. I did not see any branding on the tee. Other than the hang tag, which will be removed once worn, there is no way to know if this is a Krank Empire shirt or not. I would like to have seen a Krank logo on the sleeve or implemented on the End-o-Weed can. Other than that, it is a great design. I give the design a solid 4

These tees cost 20 bucks a piece. Very fair, and almost a standard now days for an indie brands early work.  These are printed on American Apparel blanks so you know you are getting a square deal. Considering the soft water based ink print, the extras and they are finished off with this Krank Empire custom hang tag, I give them a 5 in the quality vs price column. These guys offer a very fair price for what the are selling. Great job on the price point.

I didn't get the correct size in this tee, so I didn't try it on. I wear a medium and I was given a XL. No big deal, I am sure the tee fits fine. It is printed on American Apparel and I am familiar with the fit. Rather than giving the tee a 1 on the fit, I am going to give it a 4 because I know how AA fits.

So the final grade for this EndoWeed Tee is 17/20. Very good score! Thanks to Andrew and Christian for hooking me up with this tee. Y'all check the page out and follow them on Twitter and Facebook...

Contact info:
Twitter: @krankempire
Facebook: /KrankEmpire

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