Thursday, December 15, 2011

Being Inspired vs Copying

I've been noticing some things lately. The more brands I come across and people I meet, the more I get inspired to keep doing what I am doing. I love hearing new ideas from friends about what they have planned for their next release. I had lunch with Javier (YAOTL Threads) the other day and wow! His new series is gonna be nuts. Here are all the details about his release....

JK I wouldn't do that Javier!

I've been thinking about the difference between being inspired and straight up copying, biting as we call it. There is VERY thin line there. I am all for being inspired or paying respect to something or someone you love. Keep it original though. I've seen so many designs that are a rip from other brands. I am not talking the obvious parities of sport teams or major brands. I am talking about ripping ideas from other indie brands and passing them as your own. If you look at Benny Gold's designs (just one example), whatever they release will be copied in at least 5 different brands next series. I won't put anyone on blast, thats not my purpose here. I would, however, like them to know that we notice.

It is an interesting strategy if you think about it. The indie scene is still small. I know in my circle of friends,  only a few of them even know about Benny Gold, Johnny Cupcakes and other of the more successful indie lines. So how would they have any clue if I copied a design from them? They wouldn't.

I love the indie scene, obviously, but I guess I am just disappointed after seeing what is going on with a few of the brands I looked up to. I still have respect for these brands, just not as much. Big shout out to all the original brands out there! you know who you are...

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