Thursday, December 22, 2011


One of the first posts I ever did was on the Centre event "The Locals." At that event I met a lot of the Dallas brand owners for the very first time. I met Hugo, Heather, Will, June Bug and Azim. Well since then I think I have featured everyone I met that day, some more than others, on an individual post. All except Azim, who runs Azimo.

I have no clue why we hadn't worked together for a post, kind of weird. He is based out of DFW and his brand is really solid. Any way he hit me up yesterday to let me know about a sale he is getting ready for and that he is sending me a tee to review. Awesome. I am kind of behind on tee reviews, I have 3 tees looking at me right now to review. (S/O to the homie Andrew at Krank Empire, I promise your tee is first in line!)

Here is Azim's formal introduction for AZIMO:

To accurately describe the brand, I feel like I need two separate sections. First, there’s the history of how AZIMO came into existence. It started off simply enough as a collection of doodles I’d draw all over my homework, tests and school blackboards. Teachers hated it. Friends loved it. One doodle in particular seemed to be more popular among my friends and it eventually came to be a tag of sorts. Everywhere I’d go, I’d leave a small notification of my presence. This series of events, coupled with a growing interest in apparel culture, culminated in the birth of AZIMO.

As for what it all means? AZIMO is an expression of what it means to be young. As anybody else entering their 20s, I find myself lost within a turbulent environment as my childhood quickly disappears and adulthood rushes to greet me. And I for one refuse to succumb to a bland existence of a soul crushing 9-to-5 job and the death of my dreams. So, what does being young mean to me? It means not nitpicking the details. It means appreciating life as it comes. It means enjoying every moment without hesitation.

Azimo will be having a New Year sale from 1/1 to 1/7/2012, use the code NEWYEAR30 for 30 percent off your entire order! (All products are numbered and limited to 20 and printed on American Apparel) 

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