Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Look at Kill Hubris #5 Tee

Well it's official, the bro-mance between Kill Hubris and Word of Mouth is back on. Yesterday Sam and Nathan, of KH, sent me the image of their new #5 tee to be released on Black Friday! This is the very first look at the design in its entirety. Enjoy...

This design will be printed on a white 100% cotton (94% ring spun, 6% organic) preshrunk. This will be a tag less tee with the size/care printed on the inside, finished off with a embroidered sleeve tag as well as a KH hang tag.

Here is what Sam had to say about the design:

"The focus this time was a shirt where the entire name "Kill Hubris" was prominently displayed. We liked the lighter red and cyan as a slight switch-up from the black and primary red (our brand colors) that dominated our first 4 releases. The tertiary colors and the fact that the design appears to be shaking combine to give the impression that you're looking at a 3D image without the glasses. So, if you're not up on our system of numbering our shirts instead of naming them, just say "3D" and we've got you."

The tee will be priced at $25 on Black Friday but make sure you check back here before you buy, I will be revealing a 25% OFF code that will be exclusive to WORD readers!

Contact KH:
Twitter: @killhubris
Facebook: /killhubris

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