Friday, November 11, 2011

Face of Fame T-shirt Review

Today I will be reviewing a t-shirt package from Face of Fame based out of San Antonio, TX. I love San Antonio. Face of Fame is just getting going with the brand and everything looks promising. The tee I will be reviewing today is called PeeBee and is currently available for pre sale until November 17th.

Same as the other reviews I've done, I will be rating the tee on Packaging, Extras, Quality vs Price, Design, and Fit. The rating will be a number system 1-5. Five being the highest possible score and one being the lowest. Let's get started:

Packaging: The package was sent in a USPS box (pictured up top) with a PeeBee sticker slapped on it. Inside the tee and extras were neatly placed in two plastic zip bags. Nothing really custom about the packaging, but surely nothing wrong either. Good job with the packaging.
Packaging Score: 4

Extras: Well needless to say this package was filled with extras. From buttons, stickers to comic books custom tents and even Ninja Turtle cards. I really liked the custom extras mixed in with the random throw back goodies. Great job on the extras!
Extras Score: 5

Quality vs Price: When judging this category I take in everything that is included with the package, even the hand written letter. I think the letter goes a long way in showing customers you care about their order. Taking the time out to write a letter for each order instead of just tossing a tee in a box says a lot about your passion for your craft. These tees are 17 bucks pre sale and 21 bucks after the pre sale is over (November 17th) Both prices seem very fair to me. If you are quick enough to catch the pre sale plus a discount code, then that's a HUGE win.
Quality vs Price Score: 4

Design: While I do appreciate the originality of the design, I am not too crazy about the decision to use only one color. I think this tee would be a lot more appealing if even just the Face of Fame logo was in a different color. I think the design works well with the rest of the brands riot theme, but overall it still would have liked to see even just one more color.
Design Score: 3

Fit: Now I didn't get a chance to get a pic of myself in the tee because I am alone as I type this, but I must say I was very impressed with the fit. I am not sure what kind of blanks Aaron uses but they seem to be just fine. Time will tell if they hold up after washing, but for now I love the fit.
Fit Score: 5

Overall Score: 21/25

Very solid score! Y'all check out Face of Fame at

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