Thursday, October 6, 2011

Check In Post

When I started this blog I just wanted to find out as much about tee shirts as possible. I would search Twitter all night, watch videos and read blogs till my eyes hurt. I still do those things sometimes, but lately I have been so busy with my design classes and personal art projects, that it is hard to find time to search for brands.
Luckily people have been hitting me up. I have been receiving more emails than ever before, from brands I have never heard of. It has been really cool reading the emails and going back and forth with people about features. If there is someone reading this that I haven't gotten back to, I apologize and I will respond. I can't say I will feature everyone that emails, but if you are serious about your brand, and I can tell you are serious, I am willing to help you out.

Besides people hitting me up, I have met some awesome people. I have made friends with guys that let me bounce ideas off of them and give me great feedback. They answer any questions I may have about their brand and what they were thinking when they made a certain decision. Through this blog I have networked and gained a whole new perspective on starting a t-shirt line. I have really been researching and studying design techniques. I am really looking forward to getting this brand rolling. There is a big part of me that wants to get going right now, but I really want to have all my resources lined up before I launch. I am still designing, but more importantly I am still saving money. I posted before that I want to launch after the winter and also have a booth at StyleX at SXSW in Austin. Well I still plan on launching after the winter but, I doesn't look like I will be involved with StyleX this year. I will be at the event to support my friends that will be there, but not selling my tees. That is a little disappointing but surely just a minor setback. Everything else is still on track. So look out for my brand after winter and, of course, a launch party in Dallas.

I have also been reaching out to old friends about their ideas of starting a line. A few people I've known for a while want to start a brand and are very excited about it. I am looking forward to working with them as they prepare their brand. I also recently was asked to participate in an "artist market." Think farmers market, but for artists. I will be doing that every first Saturday of the month excluding December and January. I am really excited about this and I have already begun painting a canvas. I will be sure to post a recap of the first event for Artes Alley in Fort Worth.

That's about all I got for now. Yall look out for a post tomorrow about...... tee shirts.

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  1. Good read, just followed you on Twitter. Most of that reminds me of myself. I plan to launch in January, mad dash to the finish line.

    I am always looking for people to bounce ideas off of. We can totally bounce ideas off each other if you like. Check out my twitter @itsshala and, to get a better feel for me.