Sunday, October 30, 2011

Check in Post (10-30-11)

First off let me apologize for the lack of posts recently. I've been getting ready for an art show in Fort Worth on November 5th. The event is very much like a market. I've been describing it to people as a farmers market but for artists. A friend of mine, Natalia Dominguez, works for the Rose Marine Theater in North Fort Worth and she is organizing  the event. Her vision is to fill the alleys and courtyard behind the Rose Marine with art vendors, art lovers and musicians each first Saturday of the month. She is calling the event Artes Alley. The event is from 4pm-9pm this Saturday.

Natalia asked me to participate in the event to sell some of my existing canvases and possibly create new ones to sell. She also asked me to invite a couple of friends to be in the show, so I reached out to Javier and Dan. Javier runs YAOTL and of course Dan is the man behind the Sleepy Dan brand. All three of us will be stationed in the courtyard next to each other. Come stop by and check us out. (Above is the flyer designed by Javier)

Now for some exciting news: I will be releasing 4 tees at the event! This will be a "soft launch" for my brand. I am very excited about this and I have been hard at work making the final decisions for the designs. I didn't have a lot of time to do everything I would like to for the brand, like stickers and custom tags, but I am more than happy with the designs. After the event I will have the tees for sale online at a very special price. More info on that later.

Just to be clear my brand name is NOT Word of Mouth or WORD. These tees are completely separate and different from anything I have done for this blog. I will continue to run and update WORD because I love doing this. So be on the look out for more features, announcements and videos all next week and beyond. I will be doing a separate post about my brand name, vision and style in a few days. I will also give a few sneak peak pictures of the tees.

In other news, I have been approached by two different stores, in two completely different locations, about helping them find indie brand tee shirts to feature in their stores. I really can't speak about details yet but this is some very exciting news. I have already reached out to a few brands and the response has been great. So now I am rounding up brands that I feel are strong enough to be featured in these stores. If you are interested in having your brand considered for this group please email me at

Needless to say, I am very excited about everything that is happening right now. Wish me luck and a big thanks to EVERYONE who follows me on Twitter, Facebook and reads this blog! Your support is much appreciated!

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  1. Bobby,
    I can see you have been very busy lately but the news is extremely exciting! I hope the "Farmer's Art" event goes well for you and I can't wait to see the launch line. How exciting to be able to help the industry in such a major way with making connections between retailers and brands, very inspirational my friend!